BRIDGWATER & Taunton College recently became ground zero for a thrilling space-themed masterclass.

Organised by the UK Space Agency, an executive body under the sponsorship of the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology, the day was packed with space-related activities and lessons for eager A-Level physics students.

The event featured a variety of hands-on projects, insightful discussions, and exploration of cutting-edge technology to boost the participants' knowledge and appreciation of space themes.

The programme explored topics including the practical applications of satellites in tracking ocean temperatures using cutting-edge infrared imaging technology.

One highlight was the examination of thermochromic paper and how it can illustrate the scientific principles behind the tracking of ocean temperatures.

The day also featured a captivating discussion on the growing topic of planetary defence.

The students engaged in discussions around safeguarding earth from potential threats like rogue asteroids and explored the concept’s evolution over the past decade.

The session included an exploration of the asteroid map by MIT and the Paris Observatory that suggests asteroids are not as static in their locations as once believed.

They further delved into the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission and its use of physics and momentum laws to thwart earth-threatening space debris impacts.

Students got involved in building balloon hovercrafts and crafting pressure rockets, connecting their practical work to theories related to projectile and linear motion.

Jill Gannon, course leader, said: “From start to finish, it was an incredible day, and we were thrilled to be able to host such an innovative and exciting Government agency. Our students left impressed and inspired, igniting their passions for science - and I’m sure for some, unveiling future career paths. "I’m excited to work with the UK Space Agency again in the future, and our students would love to welcome them back to campus.”

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