PUPILS "enjoy positive relationships with each other and staff at Taunton's Trinity Primary School, according to a 'good' in all areas Ofsted report

Inspectors recognised the hard work at The Redstart Learning Partnership school that "has raised its expectations of pupils' behaviour" and dealt with "low-level disruption well so that pupils learn successfully",

The good grading recognised vast improvements at Holy Trinity since the last inspection which was rated ‘requires improvement’.

Ofsted reported "pupils learn a broad and ambitious curriculum" and "have positive attitudes to learning and are proud of their achievements”.

Staff "are proud to work at the school" and say "the school thoughtfully manages their workload and wellbeing”.

Inspectors added that parents speak highly of the school and value the individual care their children receive.

Pupils learn to be active citizens and learn how to keep safe and to take care of each other.

Headteacher Lisa Eadie said: “I am incredibly proud of the team at Holy Trinity.

"The school has improved in all areas since its last inspection and this report recognises the team effort to achieve this.

"The children, during the inspection, and importantly every day “let their light shine” by demonstrating our school values of compassion, courage, collaborative service and excellence. These values shone through when speaking with the inspectors and it was lovely to see the children being pleased to show off the school and their learning.

"I’d like to thank every member of staff at school and at The Redstart Learning Partnership, who has helped to bring the school to where it is now, and to all of our parents and carers for your wonderful support.

"Holy Trinity will continue to build on its successes and make sure that the areas for development highlighted in the report will continue to be a priority going forwards.”

Suzanne Flack, Redstart Learning Partnership chief executive, said: "This excellent report is testimony to all the hard work and commitment of the incredible staff team at the school.

"Ms Eadie has led the school with courage and tenacity, and with the excellent support of her deputy, Dan Schoner, the school has gone from strength to strength.

"As part of The Redstart Learning Partnership the school has received support from numerous colleagues across the trust and they too should be proud of the outcome.

"The children at Holy Trinity are fantastic and it is great to see that they are getting such a good education."