I'D never seen anything quite like it before - but I wouldn't mind seeing another one.

The scene was a curry house in Taunton on the evening after Storm Ciarán rudely popped by before shooting off up north.

It happened after I'd crunched through a couple of poppadoms and dips and sipped down half of the obligatory pint of Cobra lager.

There it was on the table in front of me in the Turmeric Kitchen @65, in Station Road.

This enormous pancake creation wrapped around wonderfully cooked vegetables and spices.

Somerset County Gazette:

It was as long as the table was wide. Big and beautiful. And, wow did it taste lovely.

Before you wonder at my ability to munch my way through the whole pancake, I was eating out with three other guests who tucked in for their fair share.

Time for a second lager.

The Turmeric specialises in southern Indian food cooked up by a team of skilled chefs and served by polite, smiling waiters desperately seeking and succeeding in giving each diner an unforgettably pleasant experience.

By this time there was just about room for my main.

I angled - geddit? - for a tangy and spicy Goan fish curry on a bed of mushroom rice. And a fig naan bread.

It may sound somewhat unusual to describe a curry as 'melt in your mouth', but mine was so smooth and tender, with just the right amount of spice and heat. Absolutely delicious.

As I browsed through the menu shortly after arriving at the Turmeric, I'd set my eyes on a mango kulfi Indian ice cream for puds.

But alas there was no room left in my satisfied tummy. Another time for sure.

The Turmeric is a cosy restaurant with charming, attentive staff for whom nothing is too much trouble.

The food is top notch. The atmosphere just perfect.

To quote a muscle-bound Austrian living in the United States: "I'll be back."