Geordie rockers, Sick Joy at coming to the Cheese and Grain.

The Brighton-based band will play at the Frome venue has one of The Hunna's opening acts on November 6.

Tickets are available at a price of £22.50 and doors open at 7pm.

This comes as Sick Joy, acclaimed for their 'fuzzy riffs and sharp lyrics', releases their a new single titled ‘Hypodermic Sunshine’.

The track was produced by Dom Craik of Nothing But Thieves and is the band's second release since last year’s debut album, ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F***ING DIE’.

Frontman Mykl Barton explained the song’s theme: "It’s kind of a messed up love song.

"I’m just saying thank you to the people, or the things that pull you out of the darkest corners or the lowest spots.

"Maybe that’s a person, maybe that’s a song, whatever you needed."

Conversations around their debut album extensively focus on its unconventional title, to which Mykl Barton has clarified: "For me, that title’s a positive.

"I realised, ‘it's going to be over one day, man.

"So do whatever you're gonna do, and have a good time."

The debut album also features contributions from Jamie Lenman, and even Mykl’s stepdad on the harmonica.