POPULAR clothing retailer Jack Wills has confirmed its Taunton branch shut down plans - and it's safe to say Somerset County Gazette readers are not in the least shocked, as the High Street continues to get quieter.

The store, which was first launched in Taunton in 2017, is now covered in impending closure signs, sparking a 20% off sale.

Frasers Group rescued the Devon-rooted brand from administration in August 2022, at a cost just shy of £13 million.

A Frasers Group spokesperson explained: "The group has been working closely with landlords since acquiring Jack Wills to save as many stores and livelihoods as possible.

"Now faced by unprecedented uncertainty in the retail environment, these closures are inevitable, unless landlords are willing to come forward quickly and finally have meaningful discussions."

Somerset County Gazette: A closing down sale has begun at Jack Wills in Taunton.

Expressing their disappointment, or should we say lack thereof, County Gazette readers spilled their reactions to the news.

"Not surprised, too expensive in the first place!!", said one.

Another lamented, "Just another shop to go for a county town, it’s going downhill."

A few even found humour in the situation, as one local quipped: "Jack Will be sad".

Yet, others viewed it as a reflection on retail redundancy within the town.

"Given the fact Sports Direct is just down the road, and it sells everything in Jack Wills, it was pointless it being there.

"There’s no point having two of the same shop in one town, Sports Direct owns Jack Wills, that’s why it’s going - just like Game to save money", a reader expressed.

The emotional reactions painted a grim picture, with one reader gloomily predicting: "Omg.. all will be charity shop now in Taunton."

Both Frasers Group and the Jack Wills Taunton branch are yet to confirm an official closing date.