RURAL communities fear being hit hard due to the loss of DVLA services at Post Office counters.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome, Sarah Dyke, voiced her concerns in Parliament about the effect this may have.

The Post Office is progressively moving online, with anticipated changes in March resulting in individuals being unable to renew their driving licences or pay vehicle tax at Post Offices.

The National Federation of SubPostmasters reveals that Post Offices perform six million DVLA transactions annually.

Over half of these transactions are cash payments.

Sarah Dyke met with postmasters in her constituency, who share the same fears.

Sarah Dyke explained: "I met with several postmasters in my constituency, in Frome and Martock, and they are worried that from March 31 next year, people will be unable to access DVLA services from Post Office branches.

"I know that the range of services offered in the post offices in Frome and Martock are essential to many residents.

"We need to recognise the loss of in-person services at Post Office branches and the regrettable impact that will have on rural communities."