HOLLYWOOD royalty and a 60s film star descended on Norton Fitzwarren to film an episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

Stephanie Beacham, who appeared in the hit 1980s TV series Dynasty, and Amanda Barrie, who was in the Carry On comedy films, dropped into both Pickers Paradise and Stuff n Nonsense, on Courtlands Industrial Estate.

Their visit, which took in other areas of Somerset and a quick trip round Antiques on High, in Taunton, was aired on BBC 2 yesterday evening (Wednesday, November 8).

The two stars were given a wad of cash to buy items to sell at an auction.

Gary Maycock received several hugs from Amanda Barrie as she looked around his Pickers Paradise.

"She was really good fun," said Gary.

"She was having a good laugh the whole time.

"She had a look round the shop, picking out things before the experts advised her on what thy think would make money at the auction.

"She picked the two she liked the most - a Penny Black stamp (the first postage stamp in the world) - and an iron ball and chain from a shed clearance."

Mark Muir, of neighbouring Stuff n Nonsense, said: "Stephanie Beacham was very nice and charming.

"She came in and I was asking questions about what it's like in Hollywood.

"She was very complimentary about the shop.

"She was impressed. She didn't have to say those things, so it was high praise indeed from someone so famous.

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"She was very switched on and had a very good eye and kept going back to a silver teapot.

"Amanda Barrie was clued up too and chatted about the Carry On films. She bought a red leather chair"

On the programme, the two woman can be seen commenting on how beautiful Somerset is.

They are no strangers to the county - Amanda Barrie set up home with her wife in the Blackdown Hills, while Stephanie Beacham regularly visited her parents when they lived in Dunster.

As for the outcome at the auction - suffice to say Amanda Barrie was the more successful of the two.