GLASTONBURY 2024 hopefuls in Clevedon might have the advantage this year.

The Somerset town has been deemed the best location in the South West for securing the highly coveted festival tickets, according to David Hennell, director at National Broadband.

His team's new research reveals that Clevedon tops the chart for combined high broadband speeds and low estimated network traffic.

"Clevedon, Somerset topped the list, followed by Heytesbury, Wiltshire and Kenn, Somerset as all combine high broadband speeds with low estimated network traffic to provide the ultimate ticket buying location," Mr Hennell highlighted.

But it's not all good news for southerners, as the analysis reveals that the South West is indeed the second-worst area - ironically where the iconic festival is held.

Somerset County Gazette:

Among the worst South West locations was Corsley, Wiltshire, with median broadband speeds of a mere 5.7Mbps and high estimated network traffic.

In total, there's 46,071 homes in the region that are unable to access 10Mbps broadband speeds, making it borderline impossible to get your hands on Glastonbury tickets.

As expected, London comes out on top out of all the UK regions, while Scotland is ranked as the worst with over 60,000 homes unable to access usable broadband.

Mr Hennell explained: “Come June, Glastonbury is the place to be and for festival fans these findings are somewhat alarming.

"With some places in the UK having median broadband speeds up to 40 times faster than others, many people aren’t even in with a chance of securing sought-after tickets."

Data indicates that around 135,000 Glastonbury tickets sold out in just 62 minutes last year.

This quick rate, 36 tickets per second, means would-be festival goers must rely on a strong and fast broadband connection.

“This hugely popular and iconic event brings the UK’s digital divide into sharp focus," Hennell continues.

"Decent internet is now an essential service for everything from banking and retail to being able to work effectively from home and stream TV to contacting friends and loved ones.

"But that’s not all, it’s also crucial for experiencing and planning entertainment.

Many even try different strategies, switching to less busy 4G or 5G networks or moving locales, just to increase their chances, which on average, is less than a 6% success rate.

As the scramble intensifies on the big day, ticket seekers must be agile and adaptive – whilst hoping Clevedon confers an added edge.