A TOWN in Somerset is one of a select few across the country choosing to say goodbye to fireworks in favour of a modern, more sustainable alternative.

Thousands attended the captivating drone display held in Frome last weekend, which was organised by Frome Town Council in partnership with Celestial - who have organised drone displays across the world at events including Eurovision, London New Year’s Eve and more.

The event, entitled “Close Encounters of the Frome Kind”, celebrated the colourful character and quirk of Frome with a blend of innovative drone light show technology, and themes of extra-terrestrial life forms, UFOs, and outer space.

7,500 spectators in attendance helped the event to raise over £12,000 for local Somerset charities.Somerset County Gazette: The Deputy Mayor of Frome described the display as ground breaking.The Deputy Mayor of Frome described the display as ground breaking. (Image: Chris Bailey / Frome Town Council)

Deputy Mayor of Frome, Andy Jones, said: "It is so fantastic to be able to have such a ground breaking spectacle in our town.

"It showcases not only the wealth of talent of Frome business, but also the coming together of the community organisations to support the event and of course, a fantastic community experience in a way that better supports the environment!"

John Hopkins, Celestial CCO and Co-Founder, said: "Close Encounters of the Frome Kind invited the audience to ponder the increasing probability of extra-terrestrial life beyond our planet and humanity’s galactic dance in the universe.

"Given the amount of UFO sightings in the Frome area, it was a show our team have been excited to produce for some time. Featuring hundreds of drones and epic show lighting, the highly entertaining show brought together cosmic history, mystery and technology in a mesmerising spectacle.

"It was Celestial’s ‘thank you’ to Frome."

The charities who will benefit from the funds raised from the show were: Frome Carnival, Frome Collegians Football Club, Frome’s Missing Link, Fair Frome, The Pod, Frome Town Band, Purple Elephant, Frome Skate Park Project and Victoria Park Community Café.