LANGFORD Budville Primary School pupils attended their school's Remembrance service in the village's St Peter's Church yesterday (Friday, November 10).

The Rev Helene Stainer led a wonderful, reflective service to mark the significant day.

It was the first Remembrance service held under new headteacher Jonathan Moise-Souch, who along with his team is creating strong links with community groups and the school once again including St. Peter's Church.

The different classes contributed poems including 'Flanders Fields' read powerfully by the Year 5 and 6 children and 'Remembrance Day' read by the Year 3 and 4 children, showing excellent projection and expression.

The service featured the children's recent sculpture work, including pieces inspired by Alexander Calder.

As well as this, the children created clay poppies, taking note of the different colours to represent the different contributions made by both humans and animals throughout different conflicts.

The service was concluded by the reading of 'The Exhortation.'