IT'S now only a week until the new Asian Supermarket will open on the High Street in Taunton.

Yong Feng Hang Asian Supermarket will replace the former British Heart Foundation furniture shop.

It will sell mainly Chinese food, but also food from across Asia including cuisine from Japan and Thailand.

Irene Huang, one of the new shop's co-founders explained how it will stock a range of items including fresh vegetables, which will be sold to not only the public, but Asian eateries in the area to be used as ingredients.

When we visited the store today, there was a large frozen section filled with tasty Asian treats such as dumplings to be used in hot pot dishes, meat, fish, bao buns, and much more.

Shelves were stocked with a plethora of ambient goods ranging from sweet treats such as sweets, biscuits, and cakes, to savoury food like noodles, crisps, and, soups.

Also on offer will be an array of drinks, including pre-made favourites including bubble tea, and aloe vera tea, as well as herbal tea bags, and coffee beans.

For those needing some extra flavour, a huge variety of sauces will be available to purchase from the new supermarket.

Yong Feng Hang Asian Supermarket will officially open its doors for business at 10am on Monday November 20, 2023.