The Brewhouse in Taunton will be the venue for a fun-filled quiz night fundraiser for St Giles Animal Rescue Centre on Saturday, December 9.

The event will kickstart at 7pm, allowing attendees plenty of time to enjoy a pre-event drink as doors open at 6pm.

Not limiting enjoyment to clever trivia, the night will also feature a bar and a raffle, with prizes for the savviest teams.

St Giles, based in Wrantage, do phenomenal work caring for abused, abandoned or displaced dogs and cats, amidst rising cases of pet neglect.

Currently, they are home to 35 cats and a steady influx of dogs, particularly larger breeds.

This non-profit work is heavily reliant on donations and volunteers’ goodwill, making such fundraising events vital.

Tickets for the quiz night are sold in advance at £5 per person, with teams a minimum of three and a maximum of four participants.

According to St Giles, people are unable to afford insurance, vet bills and food bills in the current financial climate, which leads to them giving up their pets.

The organisation urges those looking at adding to their family to with a dog or cat to consider a rescue, as they are desperately looking for their forever homes.

To get tickets for the quiz, call 07809 578555 or email