FOOD is definitely the way to people's hearts in Taunton as they named the best restaurants in town - with one particular Italian eatery dominating the honours list.

One local's response of: "Venezia for me!" was one of many to name the beloved dining spot that can be found on Station Road.

Nearly dozens more responses aptly named Venezia Taunton, which serves its flavour-filled menu seven days a week.

While it was not the only local restaurant to see its name on the tip of many tongues, as a reader proclaimed: "Augustus by far!"

Somerset County Gazette: One local dining spot in particular dominated the responses

But some preferred to opt for quirkier and more meaningful choices, such as "the local soup kitchen" and one adorable response of "my mum's kitchen".

Many continued to laud local popular spots, such as: "Mattancherry Taunton and "Mei's Chinese buffet" which werer remarked as being "so good!".

Other eateries mentioned included Little Italy, Tristans Bistro, Brazz, The Canal Inn, Deckhouse, Turmeric Kitchen, Skewer House, Guddi and Gikki, as well as countless others.

One sceptical resident seemed still on hunt for a local restaurant to connect with, querying: "If you find anywhere please let us know, we are still yet to find somewhere".

Seemingly, from Italian to Indian, traditional pubs to wine bars, the residents of Taunton appear blessed with a sheer range of tastebud tickling options.