A RURAL centre for budding musicians in Frome is appealing for support to raise £10,000 to cover running costs.

Jackdaw's rising operation costs and an unexpected outlay to replace their septic tank have left the education hub in a worrying situation.

Their plea states: "We know it's a tough time for everyone at the moment, and Jackdaws is no exception.

"Our running costs have increased a great deal and maintaining our activity, while it has never been easy, is an ongoing challenge."

Reflecting the gravity of the situation, they state: "Our septic tank needs replacing, we have some emergency funds available but we need to raise another, at least a further £10,000 to fully cover the costs.

Aiming to keep the enriching experience of their participating musicians unaffected, they've graciously asked supporters for a £25 donation each.

"If our supporters all give us £25 we will easily reach our target, which will be a benefit to everyone who comes to Jackdaws to sing, play or indeed spend a penny!".