Staff at Cave Veterinary Specialists, a leading south-west animal hospital, recently took part in sound bath sessions to promote wellbeing.

Both clinical and non-clinical staff took part in the activity which involves an immersion in sound and music for meditation, as well as taking part in a reiki shamanic drumming session.

Amy Gardiner, senior medicine nurse at Cave, who has been instrumental in driving these initiatives, said: "We love looking after our patients and helping them get better, but we also need to remember to look after ourselves so we can continue to offer a first-class service.

"Taking time out, such as with the sound bath and reiki shamanic drumming session, provides an uplifting escape for them so they can return to patient care fully refreshed and focused."

Somerset County Gazette: Amy GardinerAmy Gardiner (Image: Cave Veterinary Specialist)

These staff-centric sessions have helped the team members at this popular animal hospital to unwind and refocus their energies, amidst their busy schedules.

Nele Van den Steen, clinical director at Cave, said: "As a business, we are keen to focus on employee welfare and encourage relaxation.

"The sound bath was fully booked and we received really positive feedback.”

The sessions aim to offer respite and boost overall team morale in the healthcare setting.