CHILDREN from Langford Budville CoE Primary School have collected their school Christmas tree from nearby Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm.

Following their visit along with senior teacher Heather Davidson, we asked pupils and budding reporters Noah, Charlie, Britney and Elliot to file their story for us.

Here's what they wrote - and we've awarded them a 10 out of 10 for their interesting and informative report.

The great Christmas hunt!

On 23rd November, the entire school of Langford Budville CoE Primary School stomped cross-country to Langford Lakes Christmas Tree farm to retrieve a glorious tree for the school.

It was no easy trip because the children had to heave it back to school themselves.

The half hour walk there followed footpaths through turnip fields and hollow ways and as the sun rose, it warmed the children's backs.

Shaun Hendy, one of the owners of Langford Lakes greeted the school delightfully.

He gave the children an informative tour of his plantation.

The children learnt the most they had ever had in years about Christmas trees: they plant thousands of 6-inch saplings every year, each already 3 years old, they put lots of hard work into their trees like preparing the ground, weeding and protecting the leader (the stem oat the top of the tree).

The Christmas tree near Wellington town centre is about 30 years old and is donated by Langford Lakes.

Shaun said that the children could choose a tree to take back to school.

In their house groups the children investigated then different types of trees. They discussed spikiness, bushiness and height, and finally narrowed it down to 4 trees. Shaun chose the most beautiful one for Langford Budville CoE Primary School to enjoy.

But there was a back-breaking challenge - the children had to carry the tree back to the school! It was tough, tiring and terrific! The children took it in turns to haul the tree a mile, over four fields and across the village. Now it is set up in all its glory outside the school, beautifully embellished made by the children.

"The children's behaviour was immaculate," claimed Charlie, one of the school's pupils.

Shayla and Juanita, Year 5 pupils thought that, "Today was magnificent. It was exhausting and happy, full of smiles."

Thank you, Langford Lakes for our beautiful tree. It is just the right size!