STOKE St Gregory's multi-award winning community hub/pub The Royal Oak is hosting the North Curry Mummers on at 12 noon on Boxing Day.

Mumming is an early pantomime based loosely on the legend of St George and the dragon, showing the struggle between good and evil.

Mummer's plays feature a formal structure with comic asides and an element of community celebration and humour.

Many of the costumes for the Mummers hide their faces, which acts to increase the mystery and liberates the performers around those they would know.

So masks, streamers, hats with strips hanging down and covered faces are often used to strange and beguiling effect.

The Mummers focus is on the changing seasons - St George as summer and the Dark Knight as winter.

This unmissable free performance - although there will be a collection for the hub project - is the ultimate feel good event, both heartwarming and hilarious.