A SUSTAINABLE living business is moving premises in Taunton.

My Carbon Coach, which sells low and zero waste products, is currently situated on 85 Station Road.

From January, the business will move to its new premises in the Independent Quarter.

Posting on Facebook, Tim Walker from My Carbon Coach said: "My Carbon Coach has been open for just over two years now, and through that time I've had it said to me many times that customers wished I was a little further towards the main part of town, and to be honest I've often felt very isolated on Station Road.

"There are some truly wonderful businesses in this area and I'm proud to have been a small part of bringing more attention to the area, but I guess secretly I'd harboured ideas of one day relocating to an area bustling with small, independent shops and businesses.

"Where there's a real sense of community. But also where I'd be able to reach more people, and yes that would lead to an increase in business, but mostly it would lead to an increase in people starting along their eco journeys.

"In making those small changes with ditching plastic one piece at a time that all add up to become a tidal wave of change and progress.

"I guess here I'll cut to the chase and reveal that I'll be moving at the start of January to the Taunton Independent Quarter to 18 Lower Middle Street... aka the old Mexican, and more recently the Mango Tree!!

"I find it really fitting actually that the baton of one vegan business is being passed on to another, and I'm unbelievably excited by the opportunity! I know a few customers will be disappointed that I won't be so much on their doorstop, but I feel that it is still a brilliant (dare I say perfect) location for an eco shop, 10 paces from Granny Smiths, and surrounded by small passionate retailers!

"I know my wife Rach is over the moon that I'll be practically next door to World of Bears!

"I really hope that you're excited, happy and accepting of this upheaval. In terms of the timeline I will be getting the keys on the 14 December but continuing to be open on Station Road up until Christmas.

"I'm tentatively open until Saturday 23, and taking Sunday 24 off. Then the frantic action happens and the current plan is to re-open in the Independent Quarter on the 5th/6th January, less than two months away now."