CASTLE Cary residents can expect to see more police patrols after officers were made aware of an increase in "anti-social" driving in the area.

Anti-social driving can be characterised as drifting around corners, racing, making excessive noise, playing loud music at a volume which will disturb others, wheel spinning and more.

Not only have the Wincanton Neighbourhood Policing team increased patrols, but officers are also working on educating drivers in the first instance, so they become aware of the dangers and the consequences of this behaviour.

It is hoped that this "positive action" will help to tackle this problem and curb the increase in cases.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from the South Somerset Neighbourhood Policing team said: "Wincanton Neighbourhood Policing team have become aware of an increase of anti-social driving in the Castle Cary area.

"The team have been taking positive action by increasing patrols and educating drivers."