AN experienced ghost hunter believes the closure of one of Somerset's most cherished tourist attractions will 'greatly affect' the paranormal community.

It was announced last week that Shepton Mallet Prison will close its doors 'forever' on January 2, 2024, a site which paranormal investigator Tony Ferguson believes is 'one of the most haunted places in the UK'.

"This location has great historical value for the general public, paranormal investigators and historians alike, housing some of the most notorious prisoners like the Kray twins," he said.

"[The closure] will greatly affect the paranormal community who spend many a night trying to communicate with former inmates to find out why they still reside in the jail.

"I first visited back in 2017 with fellow investigator Paul Cissell, where we caught some very interesting captures which made me want to return to find out more about what was going on in this overwhelming location."

Some of the ghostly activity experienced at the prison by Tony includes 'a full apparition that appeared out of nowhere', inexplicable slamming doors, and his camera mysteriously flying off of the shelf where it was positioned.

During one visit, Tony witnessed a fellow ghost hunter collapse to the ground in agony before having to be being dragged out of the Chapel area where the incident took place.

Footage of Tony's visits to Shepton Mallet Prison can be viewed on his TikTok.

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"For me as an investigator who has visited many haunted locations throughout the UK, I cannot stress how disappointed I am, as is the paranormal community, that this location will be closing its doors for the last time in the New Year.

"When I look at all of the places I have visited and been lucky enough to capture evidence, Shepton Mallet to me is the number one location in the UK as it always leaves me walking away scratching my head.

"I only hope that a solution can be found and that the prison can be kept open and continue to give many people a great day out full of history and continue to host events for the paranormal community."