YOU can tune into a Taunton-based acapella harmony group singing traditional Yuletide songs on BBC Radio Somerset Christmas Celebrations at Taunton Minster this evening (Thursday, December 7).

If you weren't lucky enough to get a ticket to hear The Rivertones Chorus in full song, the songs and music recorded at the event will be broadcast on BBC Radio Somerset during the lead up to Christmas.

So many more will get the chance to hear The Rivertones Chorus, along with Wellington Silver Band and soloist Daisy Downham.

Ahead of the event, The Rivertones’ musical director Peter Gover dropped in to talk to Charlie Taylor of BBC Radio Somerset and he issued a surprise invitation.

“We get loads of really pleasing feedback from our audiences,” said Peter.

“They are always surprised at how beautiful the sound is that the men make and how moving it can often be.

"It brings a new dimension to songs that people know well.

"Of course, that’s particularly welcome at Christmas when everyone enjoys a good old sing-song anyway."

Peter added: “So why not have a go at it yourselves?

“Amid all the competing pressures that men might experience from skittles and darts and football etc, singing might be the last thing they would think of.

"But everyone can sing.

"If you can speak you have all the instruments you need to sing; you just need to learn how to use them. And that’s where we can help.

"So just come along to one of our practice sessions on a Thursday night – you will be most welcome.”

You can see and hear more from The Rivertones Chorus from their website