AMERICAN singer Lana del Rey has spoken out about the infamous moment her Glastonbury set was cut off during the 2023 festival.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the singer revealed she didn't know about the strict curfew that led to the incident.

Recalling her summer gig, Del Rey said: "I've heard of curfews before, but I didn’t know they actually turned the lights off!

"I didn’t feel great about it, but I was a little confused because I don’t think I was ever in a position where somebody said, ‘If you do not finish by this time, everything will go out.’

"I was only 15 minutes late".

Somerset County Gazette: Glastonbury chiefs cut off her microphone and switched off screens for the audience because Lana

The incident took place during her headline performance at The Other Stage when her mic was abruptly cut off mid-set.

Glastonbury chiefs cut off her microphone and switched off the stage's big screens after she was late because “my hair takes so long to do”

The crowd booed as they wanted her to continue, but organisers maintained a strict deadline was in place.

The singer then led a chorus of her hit Video Games, walking into the crowd for a spirited acapella version.

She revealed she was late because she was "dressing up for gigs", something she finds essential.

She said in the interview: "I get dressed up for my shows while some folks don’t.

"For some reason that was a problem.

"I had books thrown at me in San Francisco by liberal female groups.

"I’ve been punched in the face in Brooklyn.

"Ten years ago, mentally I badly needed some beauty to come out of the chaos."

Lana Del Rey has announced dates for her summer 2024 shows, including leading performances at Primavera Sound and Reading and Leeds Festival.