Somerset residents have been urged to reuse, repair and recycle their electricals through the Fixy Project.

This initiative, launched by Resource Futures and Somerset Council, will simplify the recycling process using existing kerbside collection services and drop-off sites.

It will also feature special events for flats where kerbside service isn't available, tech amnesty events, and a roaming Fixy van for isolated rural areas.

The project is due to launch this week and hopes to recruit over 3,000 local community residents to support their efforts to increase the reuse, repair and recycling of electricals.

The Fixy van will make its debut at ‘eat:Taunton’ Christmas edition on December 16 where it will collect donations of unwanted smart technology.

Such items will be securely data-wiped and redirected to the community members in need.

The Fixy Project is one of over 40 UK initiatives sponsored by Material Focus, leading the Recycle Your Electricals campaign.

They have financially backed the project, investing £50,000.

The Fixy initiative is set to lead the way in Somerset by allowing 10 million UK residents to recycle their electricals with greater ease.

The Fixy van will continue its journey around Somerset, promoting repair groups and electronic recycling points while also accepting SmartTech donations for reuse via the Donate IT scheme.

Residents will also be educated on electronic recycling through leaflets and vibrant posters featuring HypnoCat, the Recycle Your Electricals mascot.

The ultimate goal of the nationwide Electricals Recycling Fund is to decrease e-waste and its environmental impact by simplifying electricals recycling.

The Fixy project also collaborates with volunteer-led repair communities, fixing items to be donated.

During the pilot stage, the project received 1,467 items, which were then data wiped and refurbished before being returned to the community.

Cllr Dixie Darch, lead member for environment and climate change at Somerset Council, said: "The Fixy project has shown that Somerset residents want to do the right thing and make sure their unused electricals are put to good use.

"This funding has opened the door for more people to learn about and access reuse and recycling options."

Fixy lead at Resource Futures, Jinny Uppington said: "Fixy provides an ideal tool to start new conversations and has proved itself capable of achieving high level impact in raising repair and reuse knowledge of waste electricals across a range of audiences."