RNAS Yeovilton’s 825 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) hosted the graduation of the Wildcat HMA Course 9.

The ceremony, held on December 14, celebrated the new Wildcat helicopter aircrew upon completing their training.

The Wings Parade decorated the graduates, endorsings 78 weeks of hard work marked with studying, exams and practical assessments.

The guest of honour, commodore Stuart Finn, presented each sailor with their 'Wings' and various awards.

Lieutenant commander Rachel Rychtanek and lieutenant Elliott Wylie, both new Wildcat pilots, along with Wildcat observer lieutenant Kieran Lovett, graduated in this ceremony.

Lt Lovett said: "Training was a challenge, the most exciting and demanding part of the training was the final exercise at Prestwick.

"It has been a long process and it is a relief to finish all my training."

Lt Cdr Rychtanek voiced her joy too, saying: "The highlight of my training was getting back out onto the shipboard environment.

"I’m very excited for the opportunity to deploy to operational theatres."

The ceremony, marking an end to their training, included their families who witnessed what their future roles in the Fleet Air Arm would entail.

The event concluded with a grand display from the Black Cats team, demonstrating the Wildcat HMA Mk2 helicopter's capabilities.