People in Somerset experiencing a mental health crisis have support through a sanctuary called Crisis Safe Space.

Open Mental Health have released an animation detailing the out-of-hours support available in Somerset for those struggling with their mental health over the Christmas period.

Many people with mental health issues will struggle during the festive period.

Mental Health UK reports that 84 per cent find Christmas stressful, 77 per cent believe their mental health worsens during this period, 73 per cent experience loneliness even in company, and 75 per cent feel obligated to enjoy the holiday or feign merriness.

A Crisis Safe Space service user said: "Crisis Safe Space has supported me on many occasions over the past couple of years when I have been struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

"They have welcomed me in my moments of desperation, providing me with reassurance and compassion and a safe place to just ‘be’. There has never been any pressure to talk or explain myself or to do anything."

During mental health crises, individuals often face overwhelming thoughts and emotions, struggle to think clearly, and have a hard time making decisions or simply getting through a normal day.

As a reliable refuge, Open Mental Health's Crisis Safe Space projects a calm and understanding environment for those battling such intricacies of their minds.

Crisis Safe Space meetings are available in Bridgwater, Glastonbury, Taunton and Yeovil locations in Somerset, as well as through phone and Zoom for more accessibility.

For anyone having an out-of-hours mental crisis this festive season, Crisis Safe Space appointments can be scheduled by visiting the Open Mental Health website or calling Mindline Somerset at 01823 276 892 or free phone number 0800 138 1692.

The contacts are available 24/7, ensuring every individual in Somerset maintains access to support over the Christmas period.