Wellington-based dementia home Camelot House and Lodge has won its care group’s ‘best in-house salon’ competition.

The salon, recently redesigned, has become a hot spot for residents, particularly with Christmas festivities on the horizon.

The revamp focussed on creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for both male and female residents.

Commending the update, Camelot Care’s director, Paul Teasdale, praised the salon for "a thoughtful makeover that succeeds in being inclusive and welcoming to both male and female residents."

The home's staff, managed by Zillah Oakes, crafted the makeover with an emphasis on gender appeal.

Stressing the creative approach, Ms Oakes shared some details on the inspired setup in the salon.

Ms Oakes said: "Once we’d taken care of the basics, we thought carefully about how we could make the salon user-friendly to both our ladies and our gents, and we decided reversible pictures would be a good place to start."

The pictures showcase glamorous ladies under hairdryer hoods on one side, and a barbershop sign saying ‘What happens at the barbershop stays at the barbershop.’ on the other.

Various magazines from days gone are also provided, which can be switched up depending upon who's in the salon.

Furthermore, a new addition to the salon is a movable manicure table intended for the ladies.

Somerset County Gazette:

Ms Oakes explains: "This can be folded away into a handy carry bag to make the room less girly if any male residents want to use it.

"The table also has wheels so can be taken to use with ladies elsewhere in the home."

The victorious team received a £50 donation to their residents’ fund for their sterling efforts.

Camelot Care also manages homes in Bridgwater, Plymouth and Yeovil.

It is a respected specialist in dementia care, boasting over 25 years of experience in the sector.