Aldi has extended their reservation window for their customers in Somerset to pick up Surprise Bags via Too Good To Go.

 The move means customers can secure a bag up to 24 hours ahead of the collection time via the app.

 The Surprise Bags contain a range of grocery products that are approaching their sell-by or use-by dates at a reduced price, costing just £3.30 each to purchase for at least £10 worth of food.

Customers can search for a nearby Aldi store in the Too Good To Go app, before selecting a bag to pick up in store within a specific time frame, with reservation windows now available from 10pm the day before.

Liz Fox, National Sustainability Director at Aldi UK, said: “By extending the time our customers can reserve a surplus food bag via Too Good To Go, we are hoping even more people can benefit from the initiative."

Since partnering with the world’s largest surplus food platform last year, Aldi has sold more than 300,000 Surprise Bags and has been rated the favourite provider of Too Good To Go bags by over one million customers.

In addition to its Too Good To Go partnership, Aldi’s UK stores donate surplus food to local causes all year round.

Since 2019, the supermarket has donated more than 40 million meals via its successful partnership with Neighbourly.

“Not only has this partnership helped in our goal to cut down on food waste, but Too Good To Go also offers a simple and accessible way for customers to save even more money when shopping at Aldi," Mrs Fox added.

"It has been amazing to see how many have benefited already since our partnership began.”