The Government’s minimum salary requirement for British nationals bringing foreign family members to the UK has been accused of being "half-baked".

The allegation comes from Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome, Sarah Dyke.

She was responding to the unexpected announcement that the minimum salary requirement has been lowered to £29,000 next spring, down from the previous £38,700, following public outcry.

She said several issues surrounding the government's plans remained unknown, including the timeline for raising the cut-off to an intended £38,700.

Somerset County Gazette: MP Sarah Dyke said such decisions like this should be made by experts and politicians.

Ms Dyke said: "This was another half-baked idea designed to placate hardliners on the Conservatives’ backbenches.

"Alistair Carmichael, the Lib Dem Spokesperson for Home Affairs, dubbed it the ‘Family Breakup Bill’ and I know from speaking to affected constituents how right he was.

"Yesterday’s furtive announcement is a £10,000 increase with less than six months’ notice and we still need to know how these figures have been arrived at.

"Decisions like this should be made by experts and politicians working together, not dreamt up on a whim by a Home Secretary desperate to appease hardliners."