RESIDENTS from all across Somerset were treated to a beautiful sunset on Wednesday, December 27.

The weather has been something to behold in recent weeks, as the Met Office revealed Monday was the hottest Christmas Day in eight years.

One village in Somerset was even revealed to be the hottest place in the UK on December 25.

Those fed up of the gloomy mornings and short days were thrilled with Wednesday's sunset, which felt like a sign of brighter things to come in the near future.

Whether you missed it, or just want to relive the moment the sky turned purple and red, here are the best photos submitted by our readers.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of the stunning sky - please join Somerset Camera Club Facebook group if you would like to be involved in future galleries.

Best photos of the sunset over Somerset - Wednesday, December 27

Somerset County Gazette: Sunset over RNAS Yeovilton.Sunset over RNAS Yeovilton. (Image: George Sally Campbell)

This snap submitted by George Sally Campbell shows the sun setting over RNAS Yeovilton just north of Yeovil.

The dramatic architecture of the military building set against the scenic backdrop of the soft clouds is certainly something to behold - thanks, Sally!

Somerset County Gazette: Sunset over the countryside.Sunset over the countryside. (Image: Shelley Stone)County Gazette reader Shelley Stone captured this brilliant shot from Wiveliscombe, Exmoor.

This one really shows off the depths of purples and reds from the sunset in all its glory.

Somerset County Gazette: Sunset over Roundham.Sunset over Roundham. (Image: Elysse Ward)Roundham, a village in Crewkerne, provided the perfect viewing for this photo from reader Elysse Ward.

The shot perfectly encapsulates how the clouds only amplified the beauty of the sunset - it really could be the best we see for a while!

Somerset County Gazette: Sun setting over Glastonbury.Sun setting over Glastonbury. (Image: Mike Jefferies)Wow - what a shot from local photographer Mike Jefferies.

Mike captured the moment the sun set over Glastonbury - the perfect ending to what many described as a 'miserable' day in the county.

Somerset County Gazette: Purple sky over the Blackdown Hills.Purple sky over the Blackdown Hills. (Image: Kirsty Brown)We end on a moody snap from Kirsty Brown, showing the purple/orange sky over the Blackdown Hills AONB, just south of Wellington.

The harsh silhouette of the leafless trees against the soft, pastel colours of the sky makes this photo a perfect representation of the beauty of rural Somerset.