WITH the festive holiday coming to an end, Avon and Somerset Police are starting the year with a clampdown on speeding motorists.

Officers will be out with mobile speed cameras at scores of locations across the force area this week.

The cameras will be taken to the following sites at various times. Other roads may also be included in the operation.



A3098 Styles Hill, FromeView, 30mph, site: 3297.

A36, Woolverton (junc Red Lion Pub) 30mph, site: 3247.

A361 Marston Road, Frome (jct Ridgeway) 60mph, site: 7458.

A361 West Pennard, 30mph, site: 7029.

A361, Cranmore (lay-by opp Cook’s Lane) (no longer in use) 40mph, site: 3227.

A361, nr jct Lower Westholme Road, Steanbow (Glastonbury Festival temp 30 limit) 30mph, site: 3279.

A362 Vallis Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7019.

A362 Warminster Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7445.

A366 Farleigh Road, Norton St Philip 40mph, site: 7467.

A366 Farleigh Road, Norton St Philip 20mph, site: 7469.

A367 Bath Road, Nettlebridge 40mph, site: 3287.

A367 Bath Road, Oakhill 30mph, site: 3068.

A37 High Street, Ston Easton (jct Green Street) 30mph, site: 7085.

A37 High Street, south of jct Hay Street, Ston Easton 40mph, site: 7450.

A37 Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet, 30mph, site: 7016.

A37 Lydford (Crossroads), 30mph, site: 7033.

A37 Whitstone Road, Shepton Mallet 30mph, site: 7043.

A37 Wraxall Hill 40mph, site: 3157.

A37, Pylle (Glastonbury Festival temp 30 limit) 30mph, site: 3288.

A371 Cannard's Grave Road, Shepton Mallet 30mph, site: 3087.

A371 Long Street, Croscombe 30mph, site: 7015.

A371 Prestleigh 40mph, site: 3249.

A371 Stoke Road, Westbury-sub-Mendip 30mph, site: 7121.

A371, Dinder 40mph, site: 3282.

A371, Prestleigh 30mph, site: 7012.

A39 Glastonbury Road, Wells (opp Wells Police Station) 30mph, site: 7454.

A39 Walton, 30mph, site: 7030.

A39, Bathway,Chewton Mendip 40mph, site: 7120.

B3081 Bruton Road, Evercreech 30mph, site: 3031.

B3081 Prestleigh Road, Evercreech 30mph, site: 7055.

B3090 Fromefield, Frome 30mph, site: 3203.

B3090 Marston Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7023.

B3090 Oldford Hill, Oldford, Frome 30mph, site: 7462 B3090.

Oldford, Frome 30mph, site: 7017.

B3092 Culverhill, Frome 30mph, site: 7090.

B3092 West Woodlands, Nr Frome 40mph, site: 3221.

B3109 Bradford Road, Rode 30mph, site: 3218.

B3114 Lower Street, Chewton Mendip (driveway to Waldegrave House, nr jct Kingshill) 30mph, site: 3090.

B3139 Bath Road, West Horrington 30mph, site: 3242.

B3139 DulcoteView 30mph, site: 4114.

B3139 Wells Road, Yarley (jct Yarley Hill) 30mph, site: 96.

B3151 Somerton Road, Street 30mph, site: 7020.

B3151 St Mary's Road, Meare (nr jct Muddy Lane) 30mph, site: 7457.

Bath Road, Beckington 30mph, site: 3284.

Berkley Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7444.

Brooks Rd 30mph, site: 7093.

Burcott Road, Wells 30mph, site: 3295.

Butleigh Wootton 30mph, site: 6109.

Chelynch Road, Doulting 30mph, site: 7091.

Chelynch Road, Nr jct Carey Close, Doulting 20mph, site: 3091.

Clink Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7088.

Clink Road, Frome 30mph, site: 7089.

Frome Road, Beckington (nr Springmead School) 20mph, site: 3271.

Lower Westholme Road, nr jct A361, Steanbow (Glastonbury Festival temp 30 limit) 30mph, site: 3280.

Mells Green, Mells 30mph, site: 2309.

Old Frome Road, East Horrington 30mph, site: 7446.

Rossiter's Hill, Frome 30mph, site: 3292.

Sedgemoor Way, Glastonbury 30mph, site: 6191.

Stonebridge Drive, Frome 30mph, site: 2097.

Sub Road, Butleigh 30mph, site: 6164.

Tansey, Cranmore 30mph, site: 7124.

Tansey, Waterlip 30mph, site: 7051.

Wells Road, Glastonbury 30mph, site: 7081.

Wookey Hole Road, Wells 30mph, site: 7099.


A368 Bath Road, Upper Langford 30mph, site: 2290.

A370 Bridgwater Road, Bleadon (forecourt to Hutton Motors) 50mph, site: 2045.

A370 Bridgwater Road, Weston Super Mare 40mph, site: 2253.

A370 Winterstoke Road, WSM 30mph, site: 2266.

A38 New Road, nr Dolberrow, Churchill 40mph, site: 2289.

A4174 Colliters Way (South Bristol Link Road) 40mph, site: 2357.

Avon Way, Portishead 30mph, site: 2069.

B3124 Bristol Road, Portishead (nr jct Glebe Road) 30mph, site: 2248.

B3124 Clevedon Road junction with Cadbury Lane 30mph, site: 190.

B3129 Weston Road, Failand 40mph, site: 2354.

B3130 Barrow Lane, Winford (layby nr Brookside) 30mph, site: 2073.

B3130 Clevedon Road, Nailsea 30mph, site: 2324.

B3130 Clevedon Road, Tickenham 30mph, site: 2023.

B3130 Wraxall, Nailsea 30mph, site: 2221.

B3133 Brinsea Road, Congresbury 30mph, site: 2334.

B3133 Kenn Road, Clevedon 30mph, site: 2329.

B3134 Burrington Combe, Blagdon 40mph, site: 2321.

Bleadon Road, Bleadon 30mph, site: 2089.

Church Road, Worle, Weston Super Mare (nr The Weind) 30mph, site: 2227.

Clapton Lane, Clapton in Gordano 20mph, site: 2308.

High Street, Yatton 30mph, site: 2198 Long Ashton Road, Long Ashton (nr 34 Long Ashton Road) 30mph, site: 2003.

Mill Lane, Portbury 20mph, site: 2195.

Upper Bristol Road, Milton, Weston Super Mare 30mph, site: 2292.

Weston Road, Long Ashton 30mph, site: 2314.

Wyndham Way, Portishead 30mph, site: 56.


A361 Greinton 30mph, site: 2054.

A361 Main Road, East Lyng 30mph, site: 2057 A361

Taunton Road, Pedwell 30mph, site: 2026.

A371 Draycott Road, Cheddar (entrance to Cheddar Football Club) 30mph, site: 234.

A372 Westonzoyland Road, nr M5, Bridgwater 30mph, site: 2083.

A38 West Huntspill 30mph, site: 2272.

A39 Ashcott, 30mph, site: 7058.

A39 Cannington By-Pass 30mph, site: 2282.

B3135 The Barrows junction near Barrows Croft 30mph, site: 187.

B3139 Mark Causeway 30mph, site: 2055.

B3151 Cheddar Road, Wedmore 30mph, site: 7063.

Burtle Road, Burtle 30mph, site: 2042.

Coast Road, Berrow 30mph, site: 2269.

Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham on Sea 30mph, site: 2257.

Marine Drive, Burnham on Sea Highbridge 30mph, site: 2024.

Marine Drive, Burnham on Sea Seafront 30mph, site: 2025.

Middle Road, Cossington 30mph, site: 2087.

Station Road, Burtle 30mph, site: 2270.

Turnpike Road, Shipham 30mph, site: 2044.


A358 Henlade 30mph, site: 4014 A358.

Henlade 30mph, site: 4006.

A378 Wrantage, 40mph, site: 4048.

A38 Perry Elm 60mph, site: 6074 A38.

Wellington Road, Taunton 30mph, site: 4050.

A38 Whiteball 60mph, site: 6073.

A39 Long Street, Williton 30mph, site: 2048.

A396, Timberscombe (opp Vicarage Court) 30mph, site: 4061.

B3170, Corfe (outside Forge Cottage) 30mph, site: 4063.

B3187, Milverton (hardstanding o/s house Chorley) 20mph, site: 4085.

B3191 Brendon Road, Watchet 30mph, site: 4103.

B3222 Battleton 30mph, site: 4031.

B3227 Hill Common 30mph, site: 4019.

B3227 Waterrow 30mph, site: 4017.

B3227, Norton Fitzwarren 30mph, site: 4046.

Blagdon Hill 30mph, site: 4079.

Blagdon Village 30mph, site: 4027.

Creech Heathfield 40mph, site: 4054.

Exeter Rd, Wellington, Somerset (layby opp All Saints Church) 30mph, site: 4000.

Exeter Road, Wellington (nr Court Fields Community School) 30mph, site: 4003.

Greenway Road, Taunton 30mph, site: 4069.

Hamilton Road, Taunton 30mph, site: 4049.

High Street, Bishops Lydeard (opp Pound Lane) 30mph, site: 4043.

Kingston Road, Taunton 30mph, site: 4059.

Lipe Lane, Ruishton 30mph, site: 4082.

Lisieux Way, Taunton 30mph, site: 4056.

Silver Street, West Buckland 30mph, site: 4102.

Windmill Hill, North Curry 30mph, site: 4029.

Windmill Hill, North Curry 30mph, site: 4051.


A37 Lydford on Fosse 40mph, site: 4099.

B3151 Costello Hill 40mph, site: 4097.










A30 East Chinnock, 30mph, site: 6024.

A30 Henstridge 30mph, site: 6114.

A30 High Street, Chard (outside Snowdon House) 30mph, site: 6150.

A30 Mount Pleasant/Yeovil Road, Crewkrene 30mph, site: 6140.

A30 Reckleford, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6180.

A30 West Coker 20mph, site: 4117.

A30 West Coker Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6099.

A30, Milborne Port (hard standing near Lambert Close) 30mph, site: 6118.

A303 2 1/4 miles east of Wincanton 70mph, site: 6129.

A303 2 miles West of Wincanton 70mph, site: 6042.

A303 2/3 mile east of Wincanton 70mph, site: 6128.

A303 3 miles East of Sparkford 70mph, site: 6026.

A303 3 miles East of Sparkford 70mph, site: 6047.

A303 Ilminster Bypass 60mph, site: 6094.

A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Boxstone Hill overpass 60mph, site: 6165.

A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Moor Lane overbridge 60mph, site: 7131.

A303 nr jct Durnfield 70mph, site: 7062.

A303, 1 mile west of Southfields Roundabout (eastbound layby at SOS pole 3031B) 60mph, site: 6182 A303.

1/3 mile west of Wincanton 70mph, site: 7041.

A303, 2 1/4 miles east of Sparkford 70mph, site: 7059.

A303, Downhead 50mph, site: 6046.

A303, nr Chapel Cross overbridge 70mph, site: 7132.

A303, southwest of A358 Southfields Roundabout 60mph, site: 4016.

A3066 North Perrott 30mph, site: 6055.

A3088 Lysander Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6083.

A356 Broadshard Road, Broadshard, Crewkerne 30mph, site: 6033.

A356 Misterton 20mph, site: 6132.

A356 Station Road, Crewkerne 30mph, site: 6174.

A356, Broadshard, Crewkerne (layby north of Crewkerne sign) 30mph, site: 6017.

A357 Church Hill, Templecombe 20mph, site: 6015.

A357 Templecombe, Somerset 30mph, site: 7040.

A357, Lattiford 30mph, site: 6119.

A358 Donyatt 30mph, site: 6059.

A358 Furnham Road, Chard 30mph, site: 6166.

A359 Bruton Road, Pitcombe 30mph, site: 6105.

A359 Camel Street, Marston Magna (outside house "Fowkes") 30mph, site: 6156.

A359 Frome Road, Bruton (layby opposite Eastfield Junction) 30mph, site: 3266.

A359 High Street, Sparkford (outside The Sparkford Inn) 30mph, site: 6149.

A359 Mudford 30mph, site: 6135.

A359 Mudford Road, Yeovil (nr jct Glenthorne Avenue) 30mph, site: 6161.

A359, Galhampton (hard standing outside 'The Old Pub') 40mph, site: 6133.

A359, Queen Camel (jct Blackwell Road) 30mph, site: 6144.

A37 Ilchester Road, nr Yeovil College, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6000.

A372 Aller 30mph, site: 6096.

A372 Crane Hill, Catsgore 40mph, site: 6175.

A372 Langport Road, Long Sutton 30mph, site: 6097.

A378, Curry Rivel 30mph, site: 6127.

A378, Fivehead (nr jct Green Lane) 30mph, site: 6158.

B3145 Charlton Hill, North Cheriton 30mph, site: 6138.

B3145, Charlton Horethorne (nr village square) 30mph, site: 7010.

B3151 Northover, Ilchester, Somerset 30mph, site: 6032.

B3151, Compton Dundon 30mph, site: 6137.

B3151, Yeovilton 30mph, site: 6201.

B3153 Behind Berry, Somerton (layby in front of cemetery) 30mph, site: 6157.

B3153 Keinton Mandeville, Somerset 30mph, site: 6110.

B3153 Langport Road, Somerton 30mph, site: 6095.

B3153, Alford 30mph, site: 6035.

B3153, Huish Episcopi (opp Kelways Garden Centre) 30mph, site: 6136.

B3165 Clapton Road, Clapton 30mph, site: 6102.

B3165 Stapleton Road, Martock (layby opp 1 Stapleton Road) 30mph, site: 6160.

B3165, Long Sutton 20mph, site: 6134.

B3167 Perry Street, South Chard 30mph, site: 6115.

B3167 Perry Street, nr jct Factory Lane, South Chard 30mph, site: 6069.

B3168 Wiltown, Curry Rivel 30mph, site: 6173.

B3168, Westport (field entrance opp house called "Avalon") 40mph, site: 6154.

Barton St David, Peacocks Hill next to Greenland Cottage 30mph, site: 6192.

Bayford Hill, Wincanton (pull in by Macawber House) 30mph, site: 6170.

Bluebell Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6057.

Cad Road, Ilton 40mph, site: 6167.

Canal Way, Ilminster 30mph, site: 6087.

Catch Road, Nunney 20mph, site: 6009.

Combe Hill, nr jct Under Way, Combe St Nicholas 30mph, site: 6082.

Common Road, Wincanton (layby outside 1 Common Road) 30mph, site: 6155.

Crewkerne Rd, Chard 30mph, site: 6031.

Hanning Road/Broadway Hill, Horton 30mph, site: 6092.

Harp Road, Watergore 40mph, site: 6113.

Head Street/Yeovil Road, Nr Jct Vicarage Street, Tintinhull 30mph, site: 6148.

Highway, Nr Ash (nr Highway Farm) 30mph, site: 6139.

Holloway, Lopen 30mph, site: 6108.

Holton Cross 30mph, site: 6117.

Kingweston Road, Charlton Mackrell 30mph, site: 7100.

Larkhill Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6176.

Lyde Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6130.

Merriott Road, Merriott 30mph, site: 6122.

Milford Road, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6177.

Montacute Road, Montacute/Stoke Sub Hamdon (nr entrance to Montacute village) 30mph, site: 6142.

Newton Road, Stoford 30mph, site: 6125.

North Street, Drayton 30mph, site: 6153.

Podymore village (nr Lower Farm and jct Church St) 30mph, site: 6143.

Pound Road, Broadway (outside Hilltop) 30mph, site: 6147.

Preston Road, Yeovil (outside St James Church) 30mph, site: 6145.

Rapps Road, Ilminster (outside Rapps Lodge) 40mph, site: 232.

Roundham Village 40mph, site: 6111.

Seavington St Michael, South Somerset 30mph, site: 6090.

Stourton Way, Yeovil 30mph, site: 6131.

Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi (outside Turnpike House) 30mph, site: 6152.

Tintinhull Road, Chilthorne Domer (opp Church School) 30mph, site: 6141.

Wadeford Hill, nr jct Pudleigh Lane, Wadeford 30mph, site: 6018.

West Hill, Wincanton (nr house called Fair View) 30mph, site: 6171.

West Lambrook, Nr jct West Lane (by telephone box) 30mph, site: 6063.

West Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon (layby outside 1 Newclose Terrace) 30mph, site: 7013.

Information supplied by Avon and Somerset Police.