DO replace an aging front door – You don’t get a second chance to make the best first impression. I recently advised a young couple struggling to attract a buyer, it was sale agreed within a week!

DO replace that old garage door - The cost will be relatively low, it will increase curb appeal and is another adverse feature buyers will quickly notice.

DON’T overdo the carpeting - Hardwood floors are in style right now. Carpets can quickly show signs of damage and colours and textures are highly based on personal preference.

DON’T overspend on a new kitchen - The resale value of a top of the range kitchen is often less than you’ll invest in it. To avoid kitchen renovations that won’t give you a positive return, unless it’s simply too old, just fit new worktops, cupboard doors, the sink and taps. Also, install mid-range, rather than high-end appliances.

DON’T remove wardrobes -  People like to have space for their clothes, so avoid replacing these as they’re a necessity for most home owners.

DON’T convert a bedroom into a permanent home office - It could be a costly mistake. If a prospective buyer would rather have a bedroom, you could spend a lot of money for nothing. On top of this, the English tend to link value to number of bedrooms, odd but true.

DO upgrade windows – Energy efficiency is more important than ever  and old windows stand out like a sore thumb.

DO invest in outdoor spaces - They rank high on many home buyer wish lists. Well-designed decking is very much in vogue. Keep your gardens beautiful, simple, and easy to maintain.

The bottom line is to spend wisely on a refit or renovation that may not return what you think.

Chris Willey is an Independent Property Appraiser and welcomes enquiries on Taunton 01823 412661.