A COLLEGE in Somerset has put out a public appeal for donations of unwanted dartboards as many of their students have become inspired to take up the sport.

Frome College pupils have been asking to play darts at breaktimes amid the PDC World Darts Championship which saw 16-year-old Luke Littler capture the hearts of the nation and inspire the youth on his captivating run to the tournament's final.

An adult has volunteered to supervise breaktime darts at the Somerset College, but they are still missing a key ingredient to find the next teenage phenom - dartboards.

The college has asked anyone with an spare dartboard to email JForrest@fromecollege.org or drop it off at reception.

At Frome College, activities such as darts are used as a motivator to keep students engaged and working hard during lessons.

A spokesperson for the college said: "With the high profile success of teenager Luke Littler, a large number of our students have asked to play darts during break times.

"Having found a willing, supervising adult, all we need now are some dartboards.

"Does anyone have a dartboard lurking in their shed, or cupboard under the stairs, that they no longer want, and are willing to donate to the school?

"We use popular activities, such as darts, as a carrot towards working well in class, and, whilst there is such interest, we would like to utilise our students enthusiasm."