IT'S panto season at Taunton Brewhouse next week with the Wayfarers Pantomime Society's highly anticipated production of Dick Whittington.

There are nine performances running from Sunday (January 7) to Saturday (January 13) with times to suit old and young alike.

Building on the triumph of the Cinderella Trophy last year, the Wayfarers are poised to charm and captivate once more.

Audiences can expect a journey filled with magic, music and mirth.

As you sit back to enjoy the live band, let the charm of pantomime whisk you away on a fantastic voyage.

Dick Whittington is a tale of a young man who travels to London to seek his fortune.

Along the way he meets a cat, Tom, who becomes his trusted companion, while the love of his life Alice is accused of stealing a necklace and sneaks onto a ship.

He dreams of finding his fortune, but the ship is involved in a storm and is shipwrecked off the shores of Morocco, where Dick find himself in the Sultan of Morocco’s palace.

At every turn King Rat is stirring up trouble for Dick, but helped by Tom he is defeated and returns home to become the Lord Mayor of London and marry Alice.

Members of the TWYGS junior chorus take centre stage, metamorphosing into an adorable yet mischievous band of ratlings led by the dastardly King Rat.

Their boundless energy and remarkable talent infuse a delightful vibrancy into the narrative, notably the principal boy, Amy Chapman, and principal girl, Hetty Preece, along with Kizzy Preece who plays the ever-cunning cat, all trace their roots back to TWYGS.

This showcases a journey from budding young performers to dazzling stars - a testament to the nurturing environment fostered by the Wayfarers, where every member, regardless of age, plays a pivotal role.

Behind the scenes, the Wayfarers' production team work their magic.

At the helm is director Sarah Lock, a Wayfarer of 32 years. The musical director Matt Holman-Holmes orchestrates melodies that capture the essence of adventure, while the award-winning choreographer Shelia Driver weaves dance into storytelling with flair.

You'll be able to sit back and enjoy the show - on condition you get ready to shout, cheer and become an integral part of the story.

Ticket prices range from £14.50 to £18.50.