THERE has been widespread flooding across parts of Somerset after the county was battered by heavy rain during Storm Henk.

Here are some of the incidents dealt with by fire crews yesterday (Thursday, January 4):

  • 10.07pm: In Wells they assisted with a car that had driven into flood water in the Upper Coxley. A person in the vehicle was assisted to safety.
  • 8.37pm: Flooding at a property in the St Cuthbert Out area of effected the electrics with vulnerable people inside the home. A fire crew donned flood suits and hose inflation kit and used wading poles to help assist three people out of their property. The three were relocated to a place of safety with their neighbours.
  • 7.42pm: Firefighters were called to reports of a property flooding in the Longbridge Road area of Shepton Mallet. They got to work assisting with pumping water out of the property using a mini ejector pump and managed to reduce some of the water within the property.
  • 6.51pm: A crew from Shepton Mallet was mobilised to a car stuck in flood water on the Wells Road area of Shepton Mallet. The vehicle was blocking the highway. Firefighters made steady progress towards the vehicle with wading poles and then worked to push the car into a safe area and gave advice to the driver.
  • 6.08pm: Fire control mobilised crews from Martock and Somerton to a report of a vehicle stuck in flood water. The vehicle was stranded with one occupant inside. A fire crew helped to assist the occupant to dry land and helped to push the vehicle out of the flood water. No injuries sustained at the incident.

There were also reports of flooding on the Somerset Levels, while Greinton, Stoke St Gregory and North Curry were also badly impacted.

And two fire engines from Castle Cary and Somerton to report of two vehicles stuck in floodwater at Lydford-on-Fosse along the A37 at 4.55am this morning (Friday, January 5). Crews donned on wading suits and used wading poles to escort threee people to safety. Crew have also been providing checking on the welfare and providing advice to homeowners along this stretch of road due to the flooding in this area. 

The A36 was blocked in both directions but has since reopened.