A WELL-KNOWN cider factory in Somerset was filled with water last night as a result of the torrential downpour which has caused county-wide flooding.

The Showerings Cider Mill, which used to be home to the iconic Babycham deer statue, in Shepton Mallet, was affected as the River Sheppey running along Garston Street burst its banks and flooded the surrounding area in the evening of Thursday, January 5.

Eyewitnesses reported workers at the cider mill rushing to open doors to allow the flood water to pour out of the building at around 7:30pm.

Much of the residential street running adjacent to the overflowing River Sheppey was filled with ankle deep water as a result.

Hours later, the flooding in the area subsided, although it reportedly ran downwards toward lower lying areas of Shepton Mallet.

However, in a list of flood warnings (meaning flooding is expected to, or has occurred) published by the Environment Agency this morning, the River Sheppey remains included.