POLICE officers across South Somerset are responding to multiple road traffic collisions due to "extremely icy" conditions.

Officers are urging drivers to be cautious if they need to travel anywhere today (Monday, January 8).

The Met Office has issued some advice on driving in icy conditions: "It is safer not to drive in icy conditions, but if you absolutely must drive, keep yourself and others safe by:

  • "Looking well ahead for potential hazards and keep your speed down;
  • "Accelerating, braking, steering and changing gear as smoothly as possible to reduce the risk of a skid;
  • "Using a higher gear may be more appropriate to help grip on packed ice;
  • "Using a higher gear helps manage engine power making it easier to find traction."

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from the South Somerset Neighbourhood Policing team said: "Please be aware of the road conditions across South Somerset this morning, It is extremely icy and caution is advised if your are heading out driving this morning.

"Our officers are currently responding to multiple RTC's across South Somerset."