JOEY, the 20-year-old dog who was brought to a Chard animal rescue centre on Christmas Eve, has been adopted.

Joey, a Jack Russell Terrier, was brought to Ferne Animal Sanctuary after his owner died.

A spokesperson from the sanctuary said: "Fantastic news, Joey is now in his retirement home!  He has two other older dogs to bumble around and enjoy life with.  He is loving exploring his big new garden with his pals then he enjoys a good long nap in his very cosy bed.  He has bonded really well with his new family and loves a cuddle on the sofa.

Somerset County Gazette: Joey still enjoys a potter.Joey still enjoys a potter. (Image: Ferne Animal Sanctuary)

"We at the Sanctuary are all delighted that someone with such a big heart came forward for this little old guy.  He is incredible for his age, his mobility is fantastic, he can still see enough to be able to find his people, dog friends and navigate his way around so he has great quality of life, we weren’t prepared to write him off just because of his age and now he gets all the comfort and love he deserves for however long he is fit and able.

"What a beautiful start to the new year!"