Cold, miserable and overcast weather is set to take over much of the South West for the week starting January 8.

This week sees both Taunton and Bath temperatures hovering between 6°C and -2°C, while Wells fares a tad warmer with peaks reaching up to 7°C.

It kicks off with a cloudy Monday both day and night in Taunton, with similar weather in Bath, though with light snow expected at night.

Wells starts with an overcast day turning to a cloudy night.

Moving into Tuesday, Taunton remains cold with daytime and night-time temperatures dropping further.

But in Bath, the day will brighten up a bit with partly cloudy weather, likewise in Wells where skies clear up slightly.

Mid-week brings some respite with sunny days finally putting in an appearance in both Taunton and Bath.

While the rest of the week stays overcast in Wells, the last two days in both Taunton and Bath see clouds taking over the sky once more.

Somerset County Gazette: Cold, miserable and overcast weather is set to take over much of the South West

Monday, January 8

  • Taunton: Chilly day with cloudy weather, Eastern North East winds at 18 mph. During the night, expect the mercury might fall further to 1°C, with wind at 9 mph.
  • Wells: Daytime sees overcast conditions and 13 mph winds from the Eastern North East. The evening brings more clouds with temperature around 1°C, and lighter winds at 11 mph.
  • Bath: Similar to Taunton , but expect light snow at night with temperatures hovering around freezing.

Tuesday, January 9

  • Taunton: Remaining cold and cloudy with temperatures not expected to exceed 3°C. Clear night expected but brace for 0°C temperature.
  • Wells: Cloudy all day and night, with temperature staying at a consistent 2°C during the day and dropping to freezing at night.
  • Bath: A partly cloudy day followed by a clear night, with temperatures expected to fall below freezing at night.

Wednesday, January 10

  • Taunton: A sunny day expected with daytime temperatures sticking to 4°C. Night brings clear skies with temperature falling to freezing level.
  • Wells: Another overcast day and night. Temperatures range between 4°C at night to -1°C during the day.
  • Bath: A sunny day awaits, with temperatures pepping up to 4°C. Evening is expected to be partly cloudy.

Thursday, January 11

  • Taunton: Cloudy day with temperatures touching 4°C. Evening turns overcast with temperatures reaching 6°C.
  • Wells: Similar weather pattern as Taunton with cloud cover all day and night. Daytime temperature shall reach 6°C while it drops to 4°C at night.
  • Bath: Overcast all day with temperatures sticking to between 3°C and 6°C, dropping slightly to 5°C at night.

Friday, January 12

  • Taunton: Another overcast day and night. Daytime temperature sticks to 5°C and dropping to 4°C at night.
  • Wells: Same overcast pattern with slightly better temperatures around 5°C in day to 3°C at night.
  • Bath: Overcast all day and night with temperatures sticking to a range of 5°C to 3°C.