A PROFESSIONAL street artist has helped students at Minehead Middle School create a mural on the campus.

The Year 6 group helped design the wall art with guidance from Charlie McFarley, who worked on the final design before they got spraying.

The pupils wanted it to be cool, modern and inclusive, with the school at its heart.

Amber, from Year 6, said: “This was such a fun project and it’s so cool to see how our design has come to life in the playground. Thank you, Charlie."

Headteacher Laura Mackie said: "We are delighted to have been able to welcome Charlie to the school over the autumn term to work with our students on creating the mural.

"Being part of a team that creates a lasting message of fun, education and what it means to be part of Minehead Middle School is so valuable and I am sure that the experience this project has given to our young people will stay with them for a very long time#, as will the mural at our school.

"Thank you to Charlie, Alex (Dyer, head of Year 6) and the students for showing what we do at Minehead Middle School in such a fun and creative way."

Alex Dyer added: “We are so grateful for the work Charlie and Minehead Eye have done to create this piece of art which will proudly stand at our school for many years to come.

"The children loved being a part of this and are so proud of the work they have helped to create.”

Charlie McFarley said: “It’s been a privilege to be able to work with the students of Minehead Middle School and design the mural together.

"The young people really engaged with the project and the artwork they created was brilliant.”