This week, Clive Higgins, Chair and CEO of Leonardo in the UK, addressed MPs at the Houses of Parliament to highlight the contribution of Leonardo towards British manufacturing and the industrial fortitude of the South West.

Mr Higgins started his career as an apprentice at Leonardo's helicopter site in Yeovil, now recognised as 'the Home of British helicopters'.

Mr Higgins said: "Following the official recognition last August of Yeovil as ‘the Home of British helicopters’, we are continuing to raise awareness of the significance of the town in the defence of the realm and our vital onshore industry role.

"Leonardo in Yeovil represents an established onshore base of high-end skills and direct, long-term investment into the UK - through our supply chain, our people, and our world-leading aircraft."

Rt Hon Justine Greening of This is Purpose raised the fact that Leonardo can enact social mobility through “one life at time”.

A real-life example was captured by Leonardo's Freya Woollett, a third-year mechanical engineering apprentice.

She said: "All thanks to the outreach from the company I discovered Leonardo and the work they do. When I was considering my future career goals I was inspired by their reputation for innovation, rich history and excellence in the aerospace industry."