A dedicated volunteer for an area of outstanding beauty has been awarded as the Volunteer of the Year 2023.

Penny White was awarded by The Mendip Hills National Landscape Team due to her unwavering enthusiasm and dedication towards the Mendip Hills and all the work done by the National Landscape volunteers.

She has committed several years to volunteering activities and currently participates in the weekly Nature Recovery task days.

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Not only is she a part of the drystone walling group, but Penny has also recently joined the National Landscape’s Volunteer Ranger team as a full member.

Being part of a team of almost 40 rangers, Penny will play an essential role in promoting and safeguarding Mendip, which spans across 198 square kilometres.

As the primary contact for numerous visitors, her presence is instrumental to the team.

Andy Chamberlain, Ranger for the National Landscape Team, said: "It's a great pleasure to present the award to Penny.

"She loves the area and has really thrown herself into looking after it.

"She's become a really experienced drystone waller and comes out every Thursday with us.

"She recently won the walling competition at the Mendip Ploughing Match."

The Nature Recovery volunteers meet every week, performing an array of tasks that aim to protect and enhance the landscape and its diverse species.

These tasks range from coppicing and scrub clearing to grassland maintenance.

Volunteers are also actively involved in the survey and monitoring of wildlife and visitors.

Additionally, they take part in special projects like the construction of bat and bird nest boxes.

For further information or to volunteer with The Mendip Hills National Landscape Team, please go to their website or call 01761 462338.