THE station director at Hinkley Point B nuclear power station near Bridgwater has stepped down after 22 years at the site.

Mike Davies will be moving onto a new challenge as station director at Heysham 1 in Lancashire, by request of EDF due to a number of senior management changes across the company.

In a letter to the Site Stakeholder Group members, Mr Davies said: "During the past two years, I have been immensely proud to lead the team here at Hinkley Point B, especially as it was during the time the station ceased generation and started defueling.

"Even though I am leaving the station after 22 years, I still intend to keep the family home in Wembdon, I love the Somerset area, and my family are content living in Somerset."

When he leaves his position in March, plant manager Nicola Fauvel will step up as acting station director.

Nicola has over 20 years of mechanical and leadership experience, and has worked in senior management at Hinkley Point C since 2010.

Hinkley Point B stopped generating power in August 2022 after more than 46 years generating home grown zero-carbon electricity.

Teams at the station are undertaking major maintenance and improvement projects across the plant to get it ready for defuelling.

Once completed, EDF will hand the station to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for decommissioning.