BUSINESSES in Taunton are being encouraged to share their views on the council's idea to rent empty premises in the town centre on a short-term basis as part of a bid to support the local economy.

Taunton Town Council are “considering securing a shop to provide short-term leases to local businesses as a trial before securing their own premises, or because their product is seasonal”.

A spokesperson added: “Pop-up shop is a temporary shop, stall or brand experience used to sell goods or services for a limited period of time.

“Pop-up shops have the potential to enhance the community by encouraging creativity, entrepreneurship, community engagement and economic activity.

“Investing in a pop-up shop demonstrates the Council’s commitment to the community’s economic growth, sustainability, and fostering of local talent.”

Anyone interested is encouraged by the council to complete their survey by February 16.

The initiative was originally discussed at a council meeting in November when councillors unanimously resolved to proceed with plans to establish the shop.

Back then, Cllr Caroline Ellis said: “The pop-up shop is brilliant. It is absolutely vital that we bring extra life to the town centre.

“They could be trying out having a shop and see how it works. There are a lot of artists with a series of exhibitions, and it is difficult to find the space.

“Communities and organisations can use it. Wellington has been a great success.

"I just think this is brilliant and it is a concrete thing we could do as a town council.”

At the meeting in November, it was also said that the project could cost £40,000, and a spokesperson added that “more details, including those on costs, will follow”.

Thanks to this scheme, small businesses could be able to try out the ‘bricks and mortar’ approach with a view to this opening the door for them and go on to rent another vacant unit.

The pop-up shop would also be available for organisations to have a base for community engagement or provide a cultural facility.