THIS February students at The Castle School, Taunton, invite you to join them for what promises to be an exciting evening filled with darkness and death.

Following on from their previous successful productions of School of Rock and High School Musical, this year, the performing arts students will be bringing to life the iconic Addams Family characters in an original, musical comedy.

Set in the Addams Family’s haunted manor house in Central Park, New York, this comic feast will take audiences on a twisted and crazy adventure, embracing the wackiness, which can be found in every family.

We find that the ultimate princess of darkness, Wednesday Addams, is now grown up and is very much in love with a sweet, smart, young man from a respectable, 'normal' family. What would be most parents’ dream proves to be an absolute nightmare for the Addams Family.

Aware of the complications that such an alliance could cause, Wednesday confides in her father, Gomez, but begs him to keep her secret from his beloved wife, Morticia, something that Gomez has never done before.

What will happen when the Addams Family host a dinner party for Wednesday’s boyfriend and his family? Needless to say, things will never be the same again.

Alexa Step, head of performing arts at Castle, said: “Anyone who has ever been to see a production at The Castle School before will know that we aspire to the highest level of professionalism and this production of The Addams Family is no exception.

"The score is complex, the harmonies are hellish and creating a haunted manor house in Central Park on a stage in a school hall has most definitely had its challenges.

"After teaching and directing for 16 years, I am still amazed at what young people can do after a long day of lessons, clubs and homework.

"I would encourage anyone to come along, leave their expectations at the door, sit back, relax - if you can in a room full of spirits - and enjoy the show.”