IT'S the yarn of the year, according to its author, who wrote it on a bench on Exmoor with his Labrador for company.

Former ITV and BBC presenter and reporter Dennis Coath tells the story of a rock band that reforms after 55 years, outsells The Beatles and gets the first woman elected as President of the USA.

His comic novel The Band That Time Forgot is published by Olympia Publishers.

As the fab four become the biggest band in the world, The Dogs from Derby disband only to rise as a geriatric, pop, phoenix phenomenon.

Nearly 55 years elapse before The Dogs have a surprise reunion and issue a record as a bit of fun.

It’s championed by top radio stations, rockets to number one and starts a fanatical cult of ‘pensioner power’.

At their first sell out concert in Birmingham, "The Dogs rocked into action like four old boys at a bus queue leaning against an electric fence".

Meanwhile the philandering of ageing hippie, bass player James ‘Smudger’ Smith in the US catches the attention of the tabloids. "He’s been married four times and counting … and has had a shed load of other affairs and partners."

The life of sex, drugs and rock and roll takes its toll on the old fogie, faded foursome and 83-year-old drummer Charlie ‘Biffo’ Bear suffers a heart attack on stage.

The book contains six songs by The Dogs, with one written on a motorway services, ketchup stained, paper serviette.

Dennis, who lives in Dunster in 'one of the most photographed cottages in England', has co-authored books with England’s greatest cricketer Ian Botham and most capped footballer Peter Shilton and written Rats, Pies and Pigeon Poo.