University of Exeter hopes to address South West teacher shortages by launching a training hub in Yeovil.

Developed by experts, the centre aims to tackle staff deficits in rural and remote regions, made worse by the cost of living and insufficient housing.

Formerly delivered within Exeter, its esteemed Primary PGCE courses will now also be taught out of 'hubs' based in Exeter, North Devon and Somerset.

This starts in September and offers trainees more flexibility.

Somerset County Gazette: Primary PGCE studies will be available in Yeovil's Fiveways School

Dr Thomas Ralph, head of initial teacher education, said: "We know the cost of living and the geography of the South West makes it hard for schools to recruit teachers and we have worked alongside them for many years to help to resolve this issue.

"We hope this will remove barriers to accessing teacher training."

Corinne Greaves, partnership director, added: "We have listened very closely to the needs of schools and the challenges they face recruiting and retaining high quality teachers, the regional approach has been developed with our Partnership schools.

"This new approach alleviates the concerns students may have about the location of their school placements as they know the area of their placements when applying".

Primary PGCE studies will be available in Yeovil's Fiveways School aiming at enabling schools to overcome recruitment difficulties.