A COMMUNITY has raised more than £40,000 within days to enhance facilities for pupils.

The Blue School, Wells, has been overwhelmed with donations from parents, pupils and community members to help create an outdoor shelter so pupils can play in the cold.

The work was required following the discovery of serious structural issues of cracked concrete in their Kennion Building, meaning 20 classrooms, halls, social spaces and cafes became unusable.

It left spaces in the other side of the school, the Milton area, "overwhelmed" as well as children having no covered space outside to play.

But the community has raised £41,000 for a canopy to offer shelter.

Parents have accused the Department of Education of leaving the school to rot.

Glastonbury Festival has also donated £10,000 to the cause, as well as director and screenwriter Edgar Wright, a former pupil, and the Blue School now has the money to construct the shelter.

Some pupils are being home-schooled, while others are being taught in the smaller Milton building on site.

Headteacher Mark Woodlock said: "Something extraordinary has happened."

He wrote in a letter to parents: "In a time of financial difficulty, it has been largely the extent of the small donations from individuals – students past and present, parents, grandparents, friends – who have constructed this war chest.

"619 individual donations as I write and growing. Your generosity has given hope and that is a remarkably precious commodity."

Mr Woodlock confirmed planning for the canopy was already underway and the school has discussed what to use any additional funds for around the school.

He said the money would be spent on "enhancing the student experience".

Rachel Sherman, who created the fundraiser, said: "I set up the fundraiser as The Blue School is at the heart of our community and with 1,800 pupils affects so many local people.

"I admin the Wells Community Noticeboard and posted the fundraiser on there last Friday night and with 96 hours we had hit target and we are still going.

"I always knew the community would manage to achieve the target. Wells is a very supportive place.

"I didn't expect it to happen quite so quickly and we still have events scheduled to fundraise for it which are still going to go ahead.

"It has been a fantastic demonstration of the power of people to help rectify a very difficult situation at the Blue School that was completely out of their control."

You can donate to the fundraiser HERE