THE UK's favourite motorcyclist duo will premiere their new TV series this February, with one episode set to feature Somerset.

Although the ins and outs of the episode have not yet been revealed, it is confirmed that Somerset will feature in the Hairy Bikers' new series.

Si King and Dave Myers have been biking across the west of England and Wales for their upcoming seven-part series, The Hairy Bikers Go West - which will premiere on BBC Two at 7pm on Tuesday, February 6.

Across the series, they’ll be exploring Britain’s west coast from north to south, taking in Dumfries & Galloway, Lancashire, Merseyside and the Isle of Man, North Wales, the Severn Estuary and Somerset before ending their adventure in Devon.

The first episode is set on the Isle of Bute - after landing on Rothesay, the bikers visit a local deli, a patisserie run by a Syrian family, and a six-acre market garden.

Throughout the series Si and Dave will be touring stunning locations while exploring the changing areas through restaurants, recipes, and new food entrepreneurs.

According to the BBC 'these visits inspire the boys to dish up a range of delicious recipes from a Chicken Balmoral with truffle mash and a poached lobster served with Scottish Bucatini pasta, to Lamb chop pakoras with traditional Persian rice and a Lancashire Butter and Potato Pie.'

The series will air weekly at the same time slot on BBC2.

It's not the first time the Hairy Bikers have visited Somerset however, as in their 2009 series The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain, they went wassailing, and even found a herd of local buffalo.