A special science event and a huge reconstruction project are coming to the Fleet Air Arm Museum for February half-term.

Starting with Sensational Science Shows, which was made possible by the museum’s National STEM program.

Co-sponsored by Serco, Newton and Airbus, it aims to introduce intriguing scientific principles to visitors, young and old.

The program, running from Monday, February 12 to Friday, February 16, has shows at 11am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

Somerset County Gazette: This shows are free with a valid museum ticket

Fleet Air Arm Museum will also host a ground-breaking aircraft reconstruction project called Barracuda Live: The Big Rebuild.

Not a single Fairey Barracuda exists in the world today, so with Ministry of Defence (MOD) permission, museum staff and volunteers helped gather scattered parts from wreck sites across the British Isles.

Barracuda Live: The Big Rebuild is a long-term project which combines original parts and newly manufactured components.

Visitors can see the Barracuda live in its new home in the museum - the Arthur Kimberley Viewing Gallery.

This show, like the STEM event, is free with a valid museum ticket.

Tickets can be purchased from the Fleet Air Arm Museum website.