A TAUNTON town councillor has resigned after spending more than 30 years in local politics.

Cllr Marcia Hill, who represented the Wellsprings & Rowbarton ward, on Taunton Town Council, announced she resigned “for personal reasons” at a full council meeting on Tuesday, January 30.

She said: “I have been a councillor for 31-plus years.

“I would like to thank all the communities I have represented. They are extremely important and should be supported.

“I just need to resign for personal reasons. I am proud to have served the community, hopefully in the right way.

“I met so many wonderful people and members of staff and officers, past and present, and I would like to thank them.

“I would also like to thank my husband, Julian. Without his support, I would have not been able to perform these duties.

“I cannot drive and for 30 years he has always been there.”